December 9, 2018 - Mise en Place - Rev. Norm Seli

December 9, 2018

Rev. Norm Seli considers the Second Sunday of Advent and the stories of John the Baptist.  He wonders if we might consider John the Baptist as a sous chef preparing the ingredients with which Jesus will create...  sort of a "mise en place".    He wonders what we might need to set in place for Christmas to come in 2018. 


December 2, 2018 - Not (just) Your Jesus - Rev. Norm Seli

December 2, 2018

Rev. Norm Seli begins Advent by talking about privilege - white, male, dominant and many other aspects of privilege - and considering the words of the prophet Jeremiah (33:14ff) and the apocalyptic words of Luke (21:25-36) wonders if we aren't being invited to let go of our privilege in order to see God's vision and be part of the story that God is telling... 


November 25, 2018 - The Truth About Kings - Jason Francis Meyers

November 25, 2018

Jason Meyers invites us to wonder about the "Truth about Kings" as we consider Christ the King, toxic masculinity and God's dream for our lives and relationships. 


Dick Westwood - Celebration of Life and Love - November 22, 2018.

November 22, 2018

Rev. Norm Seli presides at the funeral of beloved Dick Westwood on November 22, 2018.  Hymn singing has been edited out - otherwise, this recording is unedited or modified. 


November 18, 2018 - Haven’t Got a Prayer - Rev. Norm Seli

November 18, 2018

Drawing from the story of Hannah in 1Samuel (1:4-20) Rev. Seli wonders about what happens in prayer, what it says about God, what it says about us and what it means in a world where prayers often seemed to be denied? 


November 4, 2018 - Executive Summary - Rev. Norm Seli

November 4, 2018

Rev. Seli wonders about Jesus' "Greatest Commandment" and what it might mean to love God with all our heart, mind and even soul.  


October 28, 2018 - Skipping Toward Jesus - Jason Francis Meyers

October 28, 2018

Jason Francis Meyers (Jubilee Ministry Intern) engages with the story of the blind beggar Bartimaeus (Mark 10:46-52) and invites us to recognize God's call to not only listen and engage the voices from the margins and the shadows, but also to dance.  


October 21, 2018 - Shake, Rattle and Roll - Rev. Norm Seli

October 21, 2018

Rev. Norm Seli considers the story of James and John asking Jesus to sit with him in glory (Mark 9:38-50) and pondering the difference between the way of the world and God's way, wonders if we are any better at understanding or committing than James or John. 


October 7, 2018 - Abundance - Rev. Norm Seli

October 7, 2018

On Thanksgiving Sunday, Rev. Norm Seli considers the entire book of Job and what it might have to say about the true meaning of abundance. 


September 30, 2018 - Cutting Words - Rev. Norm Seli

September 30, 2018

Rev. Norm Seli threw his sermon away today... and this is what came out.   A engagement with Jesus' teaching to cut off our hands or feet, remove our eyes if they should cause us to stumble. (Mark 9:38-50).  He draws in Orange Shirt Day, as well as salt and Jesus apparent lack of concern over who's healing in who's name. See what happens when the preacher tosses his notes...