October 8, 2017 - Is 10% a Good Return? - Rev. Norm Seli

October 8, 2017

Rev. Norm Seli wonders about the 10 Lepers that Jesus healed; especially the one that returned praising God.   (Luke 17: 11-19).  What does this story tells about God - what does it tell us about us?   What does it have to do with Thanksgiving?


October 1, 2017 - Vineyard Workers - Rev. Norm Seli

October 1, 2017

Rev. Seli engages with the parable of the Vineyard Workers  (Matthew 20:1-16) and wonders about the Kingdom of God... He might tick you off.


September 17, 2017 - Common Ground - Rev. Evan Smith

September 17, 2017

Rev. Evan Smith wonders about the implications of Paul referring to some people as weaker in faith due to the customs and rituals (Romans 4: 1-12) and ties it to the relationship between Indigenous peoples of Turtle Island and the settlers who create Canada.  She preaches on Common Ground and the hope for forgiveness and reconciliation.  


September 10, 2017 - Say What now? - Rev. Norm Seli

September 10, 2017

Wondering a little bit about Taylor Swift's latest single "Look What You Made Me Do" but mostly engaging with Pslam 149 and Jesus' advice on dealing with trouble makers (Matthew 18:15ff) - Rev. Norm Seli considers the Us/Them construct and its' place in God's vision for the world. 


September 3, 2017 - Moses - Rev. Norm Seli

September 3, 2017

Rev. Seli engages with story of Moses and the Burning Bush (Exodus 3:1-15) and wonders if it - or indeed, any of Moses' story has anything to offer us in 2017. 


August 27, 2017 - A Lot of Who Do - Rev. Norm Seli

August 27, 2017

Rev. Norm Seli wonders what would happen if Jesus showed up in his life (our lives) and asked - "Who do you say that I am?"  


August 13, 2017 - If You Want to Walk on Water, You Have to Get Out of the Boat - Rev. Norm Seli

August 13, 2017

Rev. Norm Seli reflects on the story from Matthew's Gospel of Jesus' walking on water... and Peter giving it try as well.  Spoiler alert - he sank.  


August 6, 2017 - Loaves and Fishes - Rev. Norm Seli

August 6, 2017

Rev. Norm Seli engages the story of Jesus feeding the 5000+ from Matthew's Gospel (Matt 14) and wonders if we've been reading it correctly all these years? 


July 30, 2017 - Mustard Seeds - Rev. Norm Seli

July 30, 2017

Rev. Seli wonders about the tiny parables of the Mustard Seed, the yeast, the treasure and the pearl...  are they as harmless as they appear?   (Matthew 13)


July 23, 2017 - No time for Paul - Rev. Norm Seli

July 23, 2017

Rev. Seli wonders about Paul's letter to the Romans (8:12-25) and what it means to be a Child of God; Co-inheritor of Creation - to live in the Spirit rather than the flesh and to have hope in things unseen.